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Cardarine GW-501516 is a very well known compound that has many benefits to one’s fitness goals. Cardarine is often grouped into the family of SARMS. This is not entirely accurate, even though it is often grouped with them.  Selective androgen receptor modulators stir activity in tissues, but unlike anabolic steroids, do not affect all of them.  Cardarine is actually a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPARδ) that acts as a gate keeper to functions within the body, and regulates processes that can cause disease and obesity.  It is essentially reverse engineered in a lab to prevent negative impact on organs.Endurance is something bodybuilders always want to prolong, as it helps them go harder, longer at the gym.  Cardarine was and is coveted as the solution to this issue, with help in recovery time being a major proponent in this desire.  The faster a weightlifter can rejuvenate, the better equipped they are to continue a session.  Since subjects tested saw substantial change in their endurance, it became synonymous with strenuous activity.  Physical exertion made those who plateaued in weightlifting discover a second gear.Among the many fitness benefits Cardarine has to offer, below is a list of what has been commonly observed:▫️Stimulating glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity- this means the body can use glucose as a primary fuel source and insulin is an important hormone for fat burning.▫️Boosting your energy levels, so that you can smash the gym and work at a higher intensity for longer durations.▫️Reducing recovery time post training which means that there is less time in between training sessions.▫️Stripping body fat whilst keeping you lean and without the loss of your hard earned gains.▫️It is not classed as a stimulant- you won’t crash or feel anxious after taking it.▫️You can stack Cardarine with many other SARMs and performance enhancing drugs.▫️You can use GW501516 for both the bulking and cutting phases of your training program.▫️Improving your sense of general health and well-being.▫️Striping body fat from the stores and this spares carbohydrate which your body can use as a primary fuel- this allows you to lift for longer!Cardarine has been a common favorite by many athletes both male and female and has been included into to many fitness regimes of many. 


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