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We are changing the game and taking your performance to the next level. XLR8 Biotech brings youG W 0 7 4 2S U P E R  C A R D A R I N EThis compound has better bioavailability and potentially 200x better in boosting your performance, building retaining lean muscle, improving your glucose uptake, improving your cardio and burning your fat stores. It’s predecessor G W 5 0 1 5 1 6 will get you going and give you longer and improved workouts, but when you’re ready, this badass will skyrocket you to uncharted territory. Appreciated in the latest tests for its rapid and extreme ability to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass. It provides evident results on resistance from the first dose, and is extremely versatile as it can be combined with other S A R M S.Super C A R D A R I N E improves the loss of adipose tissue by increasing the absorption of glucose in skeletal muscle tissue, modifying and improving energy metabolism. Turn fat into energy without lowering blood sugar levels. Originally developed to treat obesity and other metabolic diseases, it is gaining immense popularity due to its ability to burn fat rapidly even more effectively than its predecessor, the classic C A R D A R I N E.Super C A R D R I N E is also used profitably in the process of building muscle tissue. The mechanism of action is based on the stimulation of the expression of the anti-inflammatory cytokines IL-10 and TGF-β mRNA. Research shows that it greatly affects the process of increasing the rate of myogenesis and in the case of muscle damage, complete regeneration occurs twice as fast.AVAILABLE TODAY!Time to go where you’ve never been before. 


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