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MYOSTAX YK-11 is possibly the one SARM that is closest to being categorized as an AAS. It’s value as a SARM is unlike anything this market has ever seen before and it acts as a very potent androgen as well. This, combined with virtually no side effects mean that this SARM is certainly one of the top most desired SARMS on the market and on top of all this, it is also a very effective myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a well known protein and when this is present, it can act as a limiter when it comes to your muscle tissue and the overall production of it. That means even though your genes may be limiting you and your muscle, this SARM will go against that and create the muscle anyway. In other words, if you are of a small stature and you want to do everything you can to increase your size but you just can’t, this can help you to do that without any problems. It increases your build and your potential to build muscle in the first place, so when you look at the scientific facts behind it, it isn’t hard to see why YK11 is a real game changer.In summary, this compound offers:◼️ Build New and Permanent Muscle ◼️ Effective for both bulking and cutting ◾️ Better Protein Synthesis◼️ Myostatin Inhibitor ◼️ Highly Potent and Androgenic ◼️ Build Strength ◾️ Build New and Permanent Muscle Fibers◼️ No steroidal side effects


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