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Yohimbine is a chemical substance extracted from an evergreen tree native to western Africa, known as yohimbe. This substance is used in dietary supplements for a number of purposes, most notably to treat erectile dysfunction in men. 

It is also notable that yohimbine is widely used to aid weight loss through fat burn and combining it with exercise could especially make a difference. According to a 2002 paper published in "Medical Hypothesis," yohimbine could boost exercise efficiency, thus promoting fat loss. The authors note that yohimbine, when taken prior to exercise, may be able to increase lipolysis, or the breakdown of stubborn fat deposits. A study published in "Research and Sports Medicine" in 2006 found that yohimbine significantly decreased body fat in soccer players. The authors concluded that yohimbine could be used as a fat-loss strategy for elite athletes.

Yohimbine has been found to be most effective when taken in a fasted state or before doing fasted cardio. It’s ability to target fats as an energy source during such a stare is highly noticeable and effective. 


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