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MANILA - It was a great year for Eduardo Abellar, Jr. (aka Edu) as he embarked on a long and taxing yet rewarding prep for a series of body building competitions throughout the year.  

After taking a long break from competing, Edu started a long journey in where his prep required a solid mental and emotional foundation just as much as the physical. His body building prep began in March of 2018 as he prepared for the PCBF Nationals sanctioned by the IFBB Elite Pro. 

After winning Mens Body Building 65kg Category at the PCBF Nationals and just missing the opportunity to grab the Pro Card by only a few points, his journey would definitely not stop there. Edu continued his prep for the next big competition in the country, Muscle Contest Phillipines to be held in Subic and in the country for the first time. This event was going to be a new milestone for Philippine Body Building and was not something Edu was going to miss. 

For a lot of Filipinos, Classic Physique was an ideal category to participate in given the natural genetic structure of most athletes and the same was true for Edu. The Classic Physique category was going to be available for the first time in the country at Muscle Contest and Edu began making tweaks to his prep and posing routine to prepare for his classic physique debut. Hardwork, hours and hours of training, strict diet and proper supplementation allowed Edu to once again come out on top. He bagged another Gold for the Classic Physique Class A category at the first ever Muscle Contest Philippines. 

Competing for the Pro Card was getting more and more difficult and this challenged

Edu much more instead of drive a wedge between him and his goal to become pro. Next stop was going to be the Asian Grand Prix in Korea. 

AGP 2018 featured a great class of athletes. The Koreans had a lot of amazing body builders but rest assured, Edu gave them a run for that gold. While Edu placed only bronze, he definitely put the Philippines on the Map for classic physique in the IFBB Pro League. And the same goes for his next competition in Macau for the the Global Classic Superbowl where he dominated his class in the Classic Physique category without an ounce of doubt. Edu made sure that all these other athletes would never forget him by scoring another gold medal. 

Edu’s final show for 2018 was the Shawn Rhoden Classics where he joined 2 categories: Mens Body Building 65kg and Classic Physique Class A. The SRC 2018 was a highly anticipated show which was graced by many competing athletes from around the globe which also meant that competition was extremely tight on many levels. Even so, Edu battled it out with the best of the best and got medals in both categories, Gold for Mens Body Building and Silver for Classic Physique. 

The ultimate goal of a procard slipped through Edu’s hands but this does not mean that his year was unsuccessful. His dedication and performance was nothing short of amazing and inspiring and while he missed his chance to become pro, he definitely showed the Philippines and the world that he can go head to head withe biggest among athletes and that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Question is, will Edu be back this year?

We’ll just have to see!

Competitions and Standings:

PCBF Nationals - Mens BB 65Kg Gold

Muscle Contest Subic - Classic Physique Class A Gold

AGP Korea - Classic Physique Class A Bronze

Global Classic Macau -  Classic Physique Class A Gold

Shawn Rhoden Classics - Classic Physique Silver Mens BB 65kg Gold

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