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XLR8 Athlete Winners - IFBB Philippines Nationals 2019

It has been a couple of days now from the IFBB Philippines Nationals 2019 and due to the busy pre-order period, it is only now that I am able to give my overdue congratulations  to some athletes. When we started XLR8 Biotech, we wanted to give athletes, fitness enthusiasts, gym goers, and all the lifters who grind everyday a way to achieve their goals at a faster rate, and actually know and feel that they are indeed improving, gaining, growing. The pinnacle of all this effort we put into our products is when an athlete finally decides to compete, waving the XLR8 banner proudly in a culminating event that would showcase the full potential of what our products can do for an athlete. Last Saturday, we once again witnessed first hand why we love to do what we’re doing, and why we clock in hours and hours of work: to see others succceed at their dreams. That having been said, it is with great pride and deepest honor that I congratulate the following amazing athletes who both made their body building debuts and earned medals. They are now distinguished amongst the 179 athletes who competed that night. First I would like to congratulate Diamond Feliciano who made her Womens Bikini Fitness Debut. She started using XLR8 Products last year just because she wanted to get in better shape. Diamond saw the effects of the products and incidentally also saw the great potential of her physique. We crossed paths at the SRC 2018 event and from there, she decided she would be competing in bodybuilding. She was taken under the wings of a good friend and a great coach, Flex Ramos Laforteza with the support of XLR8 Biotech Products. Fast forward to July 20, 2019, Diamond brought a really great package and really great conditioning. Her hard work, persistence, clear mind and that awesome I WILL NOT BE BEATEN mentality got her 2 medals for that evening. 

Women’s Bikini Fitness New Comer - Gold Women’s Bikini Fitness Tall - Silver It is quite a feat to get even a Silver Medal in an open category coming in as a first timer, and securing that gold even in the Newcomer Category was not a walk in the park either. But Diamond was able to pull it off. Hard work, consistency, tunnel vision focus, a good coach and an awesome stack from XLR8 Biotech and BOOM. CONGRATULATIONS DIAMOND on a very well deserved victory! We can’t wait for your next show in a few days. We would also like to congratulate Greg Jospeh Diaz. Greg was training under the expertise of Coach Edu Abellar Jr. aka The Giant Slayer. Edu is one of the well known XLR8 Athletes who have bagged numerous medals and trophies just last year alone. Now, he intends to take a quick break while he shares his knowledge to aspiring athletes like Greg.

Greg trains like a beast. Consistent, relentless and follows every instruction to the dot. Throughout his entire prep and even prior, he has been using only XLR8 Biotech. This, combined with the guidance of Coach Edu, Greg was able to bag the Bronze Medal from the Men’s Physique Newcomer Tall Category. This was an amazing victory for Greg because his opponents were REALLY HUGE. But that’s not the impressive part. We all know that most if not all of these male competitors prep with AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids). But Greg? Except for the XLR8 Biotech Products, HE IS NATTY AF. And he still managed to place well out of more than 10 athletes. Now that is seriously impressive. The future looks good for this guy and he’s only getting started and learning. Congratulations Greg! And Welcome to the team! Good luck on your next competition. Hats off to both Diamond and Greg. We hope you can inspire many people to go after their dreams, even if they’re only bucket lists. Thank you for trusting XLR8 Biotech for your prep. Francis Cruz XLR8 Biotech



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